Flour made of barley (Chatu)- 200gm

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Flour made of barley (Chatu)- 200gm
৳ 65
  • Flour made of barley
  • Processed from sorted-out barley grains
  • Prepared in a completely healthy way.
  • Free of dust-sand and mixture of unwanted elements.
  • Assurance of healthy Chatu.
  • Processed and packaged with direct supervision.Â
Flour made of barley (Chatu)- 200gm
Flour made of barley (Chatu)- 200gm


Flour made of barley (Chatu)
Chatu is one of our favorite food. We see different types of Chatu, such as barley, wheat, rice, almond-Kalai, Khoi, etc. All types of barely contain proper nutritional quality. Chatu keeps the stomach full for a long time, so the tendency to eat unnecessarily decreases. As a result, it reduces the chance of weight gain. It contains maltose, glucose, saccharin, lecithin, allantoin, amylase, and vitamin B, which play a vital role in nourishing the human body. Considering consumer needs and nutritional value, Khaas Food provides for you the most healthy Flour made of barely (Chatu).
Why Flour made of barley (Chatu)?
* Flour made of barley is easily digested.
* It is very useful for keeping the body cool during summer weather.
* It helps to increase strength and nutrition.
* It also helps to increase sperm.
* It is very useful for coughing, headache, swelling of teeth and fever problems.
* It plays an effective role in the problems of the heart.
* It helps to increase the efficiency of the stomach.
* It plays an important role in preventing diabetes.Â
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